I haven’t made it a secret that Barack Obama is “my new bicycle” (click on the site to refresh and get a taste of what life will be like with Obama!), but I also haven’t really mentioned that we shouldn’t vote for McCain because of a host of reasons, not just because Obama is clearly superior.

Consider this one, from the beginning of the week: McCain went to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in S.D. because, well, I’m sure a lot of people there think Obama is a sissy boy [redacted] [redacted]. Easy political points, right? And what better way to win over your new biker friends than to offer up your 54-year-old trophy wife to compete in the topless Miss Buffalo Chip pageant? Dudes love that.

McCain: he’ll pimp his wife for your vote–or at least make her laugh uncomfortably on stage while he’s being a boor! As a commenter on one of the articles I read asked, “Do they have a dedicated group of fratty morons making up strategy there or something?”