Forget becoming a creative director (which I’m ambivalent about anyway)–I want to be a Cat Napper. This go-getter Terry naps for up to 4 hours every day with rescue cats. His path to this goal? “He walked into the sanctuary one day to introduce himself and let them know he would like to brush the cats.” Then he kept falling asleep.

@thatgoodnewsgirl This man’s retirement plan was to become a cat napper. Now he spends every day napping with cats. Terry is the official Cat Grandpa at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin. You can find their account here: @Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary 📸 safehavengb #catsoftiktok #catnapper #catnews #goodnews #positivecontent #rescueanimals ♬ original sound – jenn💜 good news & fun stories

As Terry says, “Life is too short, so you should do something fun with cats.”