Sometimes when you start a project like a cosmetic remodel of your bathroom, you feel guilty. Because your house is less than five years old and the builders grade finishes are perfectly acceptable. Because you made your dad work for free doing hard labor on his hands and knees. Because maybe you’re just a spoiled princess who fixates on little things like bathroom aesthetics instead of just being grateful for two bathrooms.

Well, put a pea under my mattress and thank my dad over and over, because the guest bathroom remodel is done and it makes me so happy, I forgot about the guilt.

Here are the finishes before: IMG_7276

And here it is after:


Dad took out the existing vanity and put in a new wood-look porcelain tile floor. I re-stained the vanity as per Pinterest, then we put it back in and put on a new top and faucet from Lowes.


THEN he put in a marble and glass backsplash, which really just makes the whole room sing. (Seriously. And check out the line of tiny tiles on the bottom left he had to cut, to compensate for the dip in the sink and make the top tile line stay even!)


I don’t even hate my staining job on the vanity any more, although it pales in comparison to the tile work.



Most importantly, the princess’s cat also approves of the whole remodel.


It looks so good. This bathroom is at the top of the stairs, so every time I go upstairs I get to see it and smile.  Thanks again, Dad!