Last night Doc sent me a link to a new tent line at REI: Tepui Tents. They are tents. That go on your car’s roof rack. And fold out like a pop-up trailer. So you can sleep ON YOUR CAR. My reaction was 49% “that’s silly” and 51% “I want that” like the lady in Napoleon Dynamite. 

Sure, I only camp about 6 days a year but when I do, I don’t sleep well knowing that my head is on the same level as whatever critter wanders by. If I had this $1500 contraption, I could sleep in elevated comfort! With a built-in foam pad! High and dry!

The site even shows Subarus like mine doing it!

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I totally could get one–it would make me go camping so much more than I do now, and all my campfires would light immediately and all meals would be gourmet Dutch oven ones and I’d never be stinky and probably be able to rock climb to boot.