Two out of the four days of the long weekend were tile days–it took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it’s looking really good–snd it’s staying on the wall, even better! (I had my doubts about that accent tile.)

I’m so pleased with myself that I remembered most of the tips Dad taught me when we did the bathroom together–this was my first big project without him physically there helping/doing most of it. He was definitely consulted beforehand and I have a feeling he was waiting by the phone Friday in case of trouble, but Doc and I got it done on our own. I even ran the tile saw and remembered how to make cutouts for outlets! (Still have a lot of practice before I can cut curves like Dad, though.)

I might have been pleased with my retained knowledge and how everything looks, but Toby was VERY UPSET we were doing something out of the routine:

But we got it all put back together and had a normal Sunday with a hike, so Prince Toby could relax.

I have to grout this week but the hardest part is over! Now to move on to Xmas decorating and gift sewing and birthday cake making.