Please enjoy this Deco-green delight that I get to wash my face in now:

Some detail shots of tile (and proof I can paint a straight line):

Yes that’s a litterbox behind the plant. Toby got a new bathroom too.

Just a reminder, this is where we were after last year–a new shower door and tile to the ceiling, but decade-old builder’s-grade everything else

Honestly, if I’d realized how much work this was going to be I might have thought twice (and now I understand my dad’s hesitancy and jokes of, “I’ll loan you my tools!” when I was planning it). But it’s SO NICE now. The new vanity (from Costco! holds so much, I love the lines of the toilet, and I feel so damn accomplished, even if Dad was the mastermind behind all of it.

I have more to say about the concept of “remodeling as a woman” but I’ll save it for tomorrow–time to go shower in my NEW BATHROOM!