If you can arrange it, you should always have people who like to offroad and people who are serious nature photographers and explorers in your group of friends, because that means you get to know about the best places to camp, the best places to shoot sunset, and you have a built-in convoy for learning how to hit the back roads, where the secret arches and dinosaur bones are.

Morning at the BLM camp
Picture Frame Arch, with nature photographer friend for scale
Sunset (looking east) over the Fiery Furnace in Arches
Sunset from the other side of our rock
Doc and the natural cast of a dinosaur bone outside of Green River
Another arch on the way to Picture Frame arch. Yes, there are pirate flags on my car. Everyone in the convoy got flags.


I took the “Roo” off road for the first time and┬ásurprised myself with how much fun I had. She did great, too–just stepped up over rocks, straddled ruts, and even made it through some sand that gave a Land Cruiser some trouble (!).

Moab may be my favorite place on earth. It was good to be back with my favorite people and be able to see even more now.