Let’s call it the weekend already, shall we? Maybe, while we give thanks and our inboxes explode with Black Friday offers, we can also remember those who need some help (this broke my heart; you can help her specifically here, and other Camp Fire victims here). And if the holidays are hard for you, here are some tips:

(by People I’ve Loved)


OK! On to the links.

1. This long essay (on MTV.com of all places) includes deserts, aliens, owls as aliens, the Western spirit, John Donne…and a Spotify playlist. I didn’t know where it would take me next and I loved it:  Aliens, Archaeology, and the Atomic Bomb: A Road Trip Through the American West

2. This piece from the New Yorker–about how Greek and Roman sculptures were often painted, and why people just ignored that fact until recently–was fascinating: The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture