It is a bad week to follow the news: So-called Christians who seem to be missing a major part of the whole “help the helpless” concept;  the hottest October on record; an elected goddamn official of a major American city actually praising the Japanese internment camps of WWII–it just doesn’t seem to stop.

My own Facebook feed is thankfully free of Islamophobia and hypocrites, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see it and get angry. But helpless anger only vented through links to published anger does not make for a good mental state. Last night I realized that all the ambient news is like the pink slime from Ghostbusters 2: “Whatever this stuff is, it reacts to human emotional states… this stuff actually feeds on bad vibes”.

So…I’m not give the pink slime any more bad vibes. I’ll cue Jackie Wilson covers and try to remember we are all star stuff, and realize that terrorists fear our unity more than anything else.

Come on, America. We can do it.