I’ve been driving my faithful Ford Focus hatchback for fourteen years now. I thought that 2015 would be the year of the new (fast) car for me, but this year Subaru stopped making my first pick, the WRX in a hatchback. Ford is coming out with an AWD Focus RS next year, but I think the limited quantities will push it out of my price range.

And then. Last week I read this 20,000 word blog post from Wait But Why about Elon Musk and Tesla Motors. It’s worth a read even if you’re not shopping for a car, but it also made me think, “Oh. Why not get an electric car?” (Wait Buy Why is very persuasive, what with the research and the reasoning behind all his posts.)

The “mid-range” Tesla Model 3 is slated to debut in 2017. So…maybe I keep saving my money? And keep Old Focus running strong.