Our camping trip  was put together by the Great Salt Lake Audubon Society as a “Basin and Range Weekend Seminar,” i.e. a series of classes on the plants and wildlife (birds) of the area. Doc saw the brochure and we decided to try something new and educational.

Turns out that most members of the GSLA are retired and just drive around in their camper vans looking for birds. Some classes weren’t quite as educational as we’d hoped and we were definitely the youngest people there (by about twenty years…) but the Great Basin is such a pretty place it was still a good trip. We’ll just have to go back on our own.

IMG_6794View from camp. This is the “pinon-juniper forest” zone.

IMG_6860View on the way up to Wheeler Peak, aka the “mountain mahogany forest” zone

IMG_6832The “sub-alpine” zone

IMG_6803 Not nature, but the firestarters I made really worked. Thanks, Pinterest!

IMG_6843 Prickly pear cactus in bloom, which I had never seen before! They can be yellow or pink and this patch had both.

IMG_6813 Wild rose in bloom.