February has been a very busy month, both good and bad. Between planning a move, planning a vacation, an AWOL not-so-significant-now other, a friend’s health issues, and oh yeah, shootings at the mall, there’s been a lot on my mind. So of course I cope by doing lots and lots of crafts.

I finished the cable scarf for my roommate (miles and miles of it) and then used my mad cabling skillz to make a pair of fingerless gloves for myself.

Because of the move, I don’t have any disposable income this month but wanted new things for the vacation. So I sewed two tops:

And a dress.
(The dress was really just a seam and a hem, since the top was already smocked. But it took a long time to hem.)

I will be meeting up with an acquaintance on vacation and I wanted to have a little something for her. So yesterday I finished this purple chenille flower-shape washcloth and bar of Chinese soap combo. (Because every elderly lady wants purple flower washcloths and Chinese soap.)

And oh my god, I’m tired just reading this post. Let’s hope I can put some of this energy towards putting stuff in boxes in two weeks.