I will have internet access at home in a week and a day and won’t have to skulk around work and blog, but until then, I’m afraid there won’t be much going on. (Although I promise LOTS of pictures of the new place when I’m back online.) But until then, prepare yourselves for unillustrated and random posts. Like today’s: “Words” That People Must Stop Using.

Today’s “Word” That People Must Stop Using is “thrift.” Not when used as a decent and proper noun, but when used as a verb. It appears on all the pretentious craft blogs I’ve found, where stay-at-home moms make stuffed animals that they sell on Etsy, and have one or two young-ish children that they dress in vintage smocks, and on days when the kids are at art camp or something they get lattes and go “thrifting.”

This is not an acceptable usage of an established word. Nor is it acceptable to describe something you purchased while shopping at a thrift store as “thrifted.” It just isn’t. It’s juvenile and affected. Please, craft bloggers, stop this immediately.

(Don’t get me started on people who use “impactful.” At least the craft bloggers don’t do that.)