And with that Grosse Pointe Blank quote for a title, here’s the high school reunion experience…in quotes. I went with Mr. Isbell; the lovely Amber and her Ideal Husband shared in the alienation and hard alcohol.

“Everyone looks vaguely familiar, but only in the way that people who live in Salt Lake all look familiar.”

“I expected there to be baby races or something.”

“His wife’s cute.”
“Apparently, she’s a good cook!”

“Sweetie, can we have one baby while the first one is still a baby?”

“I have, like, a million ants.”
“We have half an acre of ants.”
[There were awards for things like “Most Pets.” We wanted to win.]

“Look around the room: We have cookies from Costco.”
Ideal Husband went to Judge Memorial and had a guy selling cocaine from the next locker. Amber had a bag of cookies from Costco in her locker during high school. That phrase just summed it up for me.]