I’m heading up to Lava Hot Springs for a quick trip this coming weekend, which means I’m thinking about all the things I could sew at the last minute…like a cloud print one-piece swimsuit? I haven’t worn a one-piece in decades because my torso is so long they never fit, but that’s the point of making your own, after all.

I’ve had my eye on the Seabright Swimmer and this cloud print Lycra has been in my stash for a few years:

I don’t think I have enough of the clouds to do the long sleeve version, but even the sleeveless would get me some extra sun protection on the back. (I do have enough LIBERTY SWIM FABRIC in the stash to make the long sleeve version but it would be foolish to use that on a first attempt at a pattern….right?)

Stay tuned, because I really don’t need another suit (I made two last year, plus a rash guard) but there’s something about vacation sewing that’s just really fun.