I took the first step towards cat ownership Monday night when I bought these nice melamine bowls from Target.

I’ve been toying with the cat idea since last fall, and it’s been so hard to decide whether to get one or not. It’s not that I wasn’t sold on the idea of a cat–I love cats; Mr. Isbell calls me “the cat whisperer”–it’s that I was terrified to take on responsibility for another living creature. Would it be happy being an indoor only kitty? Would it get lonely during the day? What about a future family, how would that impact the kitty? Would I have enough money to take care of it if it got sick? (My cat struggle just reinforces my belief that 95% of pregnancies accidents, because imagine how much harder it would be to consciously decide to take on responsibility for a human.)

But I have bought bowls. And next I’ll make a fleecy throw for the kitty to sleep on. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll go look at kitties up for adoption this Saturday.

(Wilbur is still available, by the way. For the love of god, someone please adopt him!)