We got tile on the wall over the weekend (and I think I just about killed my dad with trips up and down the stairs to the tile saw, good lord is tile labor-intensive). Tonight I grout and Wednesday we get the plumbing put back and THEN, with the exception of a light fixture, I have a new bathroom!

LOOK AT THAT TILE. Just look at it.


Of course, now that I see the end of the project, I think I might want to paint one wall? I was at Home Depot getting touch up paint to match the white walls last night and just happened to grab some paint swatches. I think I’ll enjoy having a new bathroom for a bit and then see what I think–maybe a green wall would be too much, since this is the bathroom right next to the tiger wallpaper. Or maybe it would be just right and I would feel like Phryne Fisher in her malachite bathroom?