Step 1: Figure out how you want the pattern to be split up on the wall. (We decided to center a full repeat in the middle of the wall.)

Step 2: Drop a plumb line on both sides of where your first roll will go. Tell your partner that “plumbus” is Latin for “lead” because that’s what the weight at the end of the line was back in the day. Realize that’s where “plumbing” comes from, too.

Step 3: Hang your first roll following your guide lines, then keep hanging rolls, following your first one that’s perfectly aligned. Say goodbye to the weird coral accent color that never really worked.

Step 4: Make sure you have lots of helpers. One of your helpers may bring their helper (Pink Mousie) over to see what’s going on.

Step 5: Removable wallpaper is pretty forgiving, so if you find your ceiling isn’t perfectly level, thus making your vertical lines get off slightly by the end of the wall (something you didn’t consider as you were pondering “plumbus”), you can peel it up and smooth it back down repeatedly to fudge the pattern match.

Step 6: Trim off the extra paper at the corners and bottom using a sharp blade and a ruler, put everything back, and ask your partner, “Do we live in a magazine now??? We DO.”

Hanging removable wallpaper is VERY doable. I would say it’s easier than painting–it’s definitely less mess and cleanup and far easier (for me) to get a nice sharp edge. We got our wallpaper from this Etsy store but you can find it lots of places, including Target.