If you sew a dress in a week, you’ll notice that your sewing machine really needs a tuneup. So you’ll take it in to the Bernina dealer for some attention, but while you’re there you’ll look at the new machines. While you’re waiting for your tuneup to be done, you’ll start researching new Berninas. Then you’ll realize how many more years of use you’ll get from a new Bernina than a new laptop, which was the other big purchase you were considering. Then feature creep may set in and you’ll think you should get a really nice Bernina to get as many years as possible out of it. Then you’ll be sad because you’ll wish you had your mom’s advice in all of this.

Then, once you’ve worked through the sadness and maybe decided, you’ll think you need a different sewing table for the new machine, so you’ll go to IKEA. While you’re there, you’ll get some drawer units too so everything can be more organized. Then you’ll put together the drawers, send your partner back to IKEA for a different table top, organize all the drawers, and then–

and THEN–


You’ll bring home your new machine.



This is the 740 and she’s the nicest thing I own. I told Doc last night, “If there’s a fire, we grab Toby first. But if there’s time to grab a second thing, this is it.” I’ve got classes to take at the local dealer to really learn her but spending time on the store model was magic: Auto thread cut! Auto buttonholes! Auto presser foot raise and lower! And the most beautiful, even stitch quality on any fabric.

My mom was a Bernina loyalist and my first machine 11 years ago was a Bernina –so it was a no-brainer to stay with the brand. The threading is the same, the feet still fit, and everything is so well designed. Even how the machine was packaged in the box was precise and well-engineered.

And she has a new sewing table and newly-organized room! We’ll all live happily ever after.

The End.