If you buy a new stove, you’ll want a new microwave, too:

If you get a new stove and microwave, you’ll think, “Why not do a cheap and easy subway tile backsplash, too?”

But then you’ll see the new stove and microwave installed and–because you don’t want to deal with removing the existing granite backsplash–you’ll think, “Wow that space between the new appliances would be ideal for a tile accent.”

Then you’ll badly mock things up and wonder how much waiting for the fancy tile will throw off your proposed schedule to tile over Thanksgiving weekend.

But I think it would look good! It’s almost giving a modern “Tuscan kitchen” vibe (the 90s are in!) and it works with the cabinets and counters. (This whole project came about because we want to sell in a couple years, so don’t want to rip out the upper cabinets and get lighter counters, so how can we do some updates that don’t involve demo.) (Also, the front burner on the old stove was going out.)

We do have the wallpaper accent in the same room, plus a bunch of textile patterns, but I think the tile accent would blend pretty well. No such thing as too much pattern–just ask the Bloomsbury Group.