Remember my banking debacle of a month ago, in which I thought someone had passed a fraudulent check with my account information but it really turned out to be an 18-year-old teller’s error? Since I closed my original account when I thought the problem was fraud, I had to order new checks.

I went to college with a girl who claimed to be part of the Rothschild banking dynasty (I believed her; she lived off a trust fund) and she once said that checks should look “as much like real currency as possible, so people take them seriously.” Taking the advice of a Rothschild seemed smart, so for years I ordered the plainest checks.

Then, when faced with getting new checks last month, I realized that I don’t use them for commerce anymore–just for bills. I didn’t care whether the power company takes me seriously or not. And I was so tired of plain checks. So I got checks with pictures on them. Any guesses as to what design I got?

That’s right–the Crazy Cat Lady special.