I’ve now made my biking debut at the farmers’ market and at work, and let me just quote my dad–“Life’s better on a bike.”

I rode down to the market on Saturday and the comments started right away: “Nice bike!” and “Where’d you get that helmet?” from the bike valet dude; “Love your bike!” and “Sweet ride!” from passersby; and “Good morning, beautiful! Nice bike!” as I rode by a homeless guy camped on the steps of the Greek Orthodox church.

Similar things happened at work–people I hadn’t talked to in nearly two years at the office admired, offered help with the elevator, liked my helmet. I was riding up Main Street on the way home and a panhandler asked, “Got a dollar?” and when I said no (I really didn’t), said “I like your helmet!”

So on the next ride, what will happen? Will it be like a musical, with song and dance and synchronized pigeon flights? It may very well be–because life apparently IS better on a bike.