This link has been widely shared on Sewing Instagram over the last day, but I thought I’d throw it here, too: A list of fabric/fiber/sewing shops that are BIPOC or ally owned., compiled by Pink Mimosa by Jacinta.

I spent some very happy downtime not reading the news and doing what I do best–fabric shopping–and found some fantastic things:

Wax print from Ankara Malkia
Cotton jacquard knit from Crimson Tate
A+ roller disco vibe wax print from Ankara Malkia
Tile print stretch cotton from Selvedge and Bolts

Since I’m always going to buy more fabric, I will try to make it be from more BIPOC businesses going forward. (Let’s be honest, I am going to click “order” on that first floral today.) If you too need to look at some pretty fabric for a few minutes, check out the list.