That’s the motto I adopted for myself about two years ago, and it’s served me pretty well. (Someday I’ll have to break out the old Wheelock’s Latin from high school and see if I can translate it into a more motto-appropriate language.)

Because one never does know what will happen, or who will show up at your doorstep bearing a recording of Ravel quartets, or who will call, or who will be happy or sad, or even whose house will burn down. So one just waits and sees. And has hobbies to pass the time between events.

Speaking of, the yarn above is spun from the Blue Moon Ranch herd and will be available to buy on Saturday at the Open Farm Day. I’m going to get about 1100 yards of that luminous light grey (like Karma!) and make this next:

I suppose this could technically be called a cape. I hope I feel heroic when I wear it.