It’s my dad’s 66th birthday today. Planning this post, I debated what to write about him: His refusal to take the easy way out and his unfailing morals (also known as “the cowboy way“)? His love of books and knowledge? His incredible skill as a craftsman, as shown in basement storage (and surprise wine racks), bird gazebos, garage shelving, pergolas and decks, and so many more things he’s made?

Those are the obvious ones, and the valuable ones, and the ones I enjoy the benefit of every day. But here’s something else: My dad is a delightful person.

He can pull out an old song or pop culture reference and make a joke (that may or may not involve a pun) for any situation. He watched Animaniacs with me every day after school and has the score of The Music Man memorized . He calls my pergola “Timberhenge” and money “fun tickets.”  He took a class to learn how to make balloon animals for my nephew Skyler. He is shy and funny and self-effacing and so, so smart and he is always willing to help his family or make Skyler smile. Delightful: “Causing delight; charming.”

It’s a little blurry,  but I think Skyler is expressing all our feelings here:

Happy birthday, Dad!


(Yes, that is a birthday pie at the top. Dad and I request birthday pies instead of cakes.)