My nephew is TEN today!

He is such a delight to know–sensitive, determined, curious, and so, so smart. (Seriously, smarter than the adults sometimes.) He loves model trains and chess and Legos and he and I have all sorts of fun with feats of strength on the playground.

I can’t imagine our family without him. I know my mom was so thrilled to to finally be a grandma; my dad has spent the last ten years thinking of ways to be literally the best grandpa ever. Skyler has made my brother and sister-in-law have become parents, with the patience and perseverance and love that that entails.  And me? I get to be his auntie, with the video games and the attitude of, “Sure, why not get in the stream?” which is pretty much the best.

Every time we hang out, I learn something new and every time I look at him, seeing the baby mixed in with the pre-teen now (!),  I’m struck all over again by how amazing it is that he exists.

Happy birthday, Bubbs. I love you so much!