It’s Matt’s birthday today! The “doesn’t like to be the center of attention” stuff I posted about Altair on Monday definitely applies to him; this is our ninth round of birthdays together and I’ve finally learned that a cake is more than enough for him. (He, on the other hand, immediately got that birthdays were a big deal to me and has done a whiskey tour and a roller skate party and takes the day off and just generally makes it special.)

And of course he makes it special and of course he immediately gets things–he is the most understanding and generous person I’ve met. He checks in with his friends daily and texts my own sister-in-law more than I probably do. He spends an evening a week with his parents just as an on-call handyman and IT department. And he actively works to be open-minded, to see issues from all sides, and to find common ground with people who hold radically different views.

I literally can’t imagine life without him: I know I wouldn’t be in therapy or have dealt with my anxiety without his example. I wouldn’t have the presence of such a gentle, delightful, surprising person and I wouldn’t have someone quietly trying to be better to remind me to do the same.

Happy birthday, honey. I love you and I’m so glad I met you.