1. It was cloudy here for the super perigee moon last Saturday, which kind of made me feel like the girl who misses the sun shining on Venus in that Bradbury story. But then I read that another full moon that will be almost as bright will happen on May 6 next year. I guess its full phase will be pretty close to perigee–not coinciding perfectly with it like the one that just happened–but it made me feel better.

2. Dr. Sagan would be ashamed of me, but I’m going to say it anyway: I think the “super moon” wreaked emotional havoc over the last week and a half. At least, that’s what I’m blaming.

3. And finally, Toby’s garage explorations are getting a little out of hand:
All he wants to do is play on the Ford Kitty Gym–and of course I can’t say no to him. Spoiled Toby!