1. To finish up what turned into ranch week, here’s part of an interview with a real-life cowboy. Recorded in 1937 as part of a WPA oral history project, the retired cowboy, L. M. Cox, was in his 70s. Fascinating stuff, and real Cowboy Way attitude:

“We never heard much complaint about hard times. People thought about a lot of things more than they did money then, ’cause it didn’t take so much money to live.”


“Everything else changes though, so guess we’ll just have to get used to that like we do other things and if we can’t get used to it, quit.”

2. I know I posted something from The Sifl and Olly Show last week, but I can’t stop watching clips on YouTube. If you’ve heard any Bob Dylan–especially the mid-60s stuff with the far-out lyrics–you may find this as hilarious as I do: