1. Happy birthday to H.A. Rey, creator of Curious George. The Writer’s Almanac tells me that
“he as also an astronomy enthusiast, and in addition to the beloved Curious George books, he wrote
The Stars: A New Way to See Them in 1952. The book includes constellation diagrams with cartoon outlines to make them easier to remember and recognize. His new diagrams were widely adopted by other astronomical texts, and the book is regularly reissued as we learn more accurate information about our galaxy.”
I had no idea! I know what I’m doing with the last few days of a trial Amazon Prime membership.

2. I’ve been wanting biscuits and (vegetarian) gravy for about two weeks now. I think I may end up with the counter-sitters at Blue Plate Diner this weekend.

3. And finally, who doesn’t love a sci-fi pun on Ceylon tea? So say we all! (via)