1. I’ve started actually tidying up using the KonMari method and I think it will be as life-changing as she promises. I do recommend diving in on a weekend: I started after work Wednesday and the first category I tackled, shirts and sweaters, had hundreds (no exaggeration) of items and it got a little intense–and went late into the night. I moved on to pants and skirts last night and it was much more manageable, both psychologically and in sheer volume. But maybe that’s because I had a good helper:

(Yes, he’s up on a shelf in the closet.)


2. There is a sports event happening Sunday! I found this scathing Garfunkel & Oates video about SPORTS!

Favorite lines:
Sports go sports! Athletics are number one! Participants are heroes! Go team yeah!

Watching abile-bodied millionaires play with each other
Watching less agile millionaire talk about it on TV
May they compile copious points so they are rewarded and meritorious
So you feel temporarily, adjacently victorious

(Actually, there is nothing wrong with watching or liking sports. I just can’t get behind people acting as if IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED.)