1. I’d say a good 20% of the agency I work at is out with the flu right now. I’m still healthy but the survivors are getting desperate–I made someone who thought he was coming down with it stand at the entrance to my office last night and brief me from there.

2. Related, I plan to fill the long weekend with multivitamins and sewing.

3. Here is an article about the revival of traditional Inuit face tattoos (which are quite pretty; not what one thinks when one hears “face tattoo”). One of the interviewee’s thoughts about her tattoos are what I’d like my potential one (not on my face; don’t worry, Dad) to accomplish:

It wasn’t the momentary pain or the ritual that connected her with her tattoos and her tattoos with her belief system — it was the daily routine of living with them…. “As I explain to people what my tattoos mean, almost every day, tracing over their lines reminds me of whom I respect and why.”