1. One of my New Years resolutions is to go get measured and fitted for a “real” bra, one that isn’t the same brand I’ve been wearing since college and one that costs more than $20. I hear women who have been fitted love it and it makes a huge difference, so this article from The Toast is an apt spoof on what happens when “You’ve Finally Started Wearing the Right Bra Size“:

You look down at your phone. Your voicemail, your inbox, even your Direct Messages on Twitter are all brimming with remorseful messages from everyone who has ever wronged you. They were all wrong, and now they’re so, so sorry. There are no lumps, seams, or bulges under the lines of your shirt, and your father has come back from the dead to tell you how proud he is of you.


2. I am tempted to go through this workbook, “Unraveling 2015” but I have to admit that I downloaded it last year for 2014 and was overwhelmed by all the introspection. Even though it’s dated wrong, this little image is kind of the Cliff Notes version: