1. The stand collar on the jacket I’m making is SO dramatic that it comes up past my ears. (I’d take a picture but being on vacation means not having to really do my hair for a few days. Scary.) I’ll be taking it off and cutting it down a little today, and hopefully finishing.

2. Corn mazes: Pro or con? The last time I went to one, I was in high school and had a desperate crush on one of the boys in the group, which made it fun (in a desperate high-school way). Would it be fun again? Or would I just feel old?

3. I have very carefully avoided offending my secret blog pal Dave Buhler since last Friday, but Dave, I’m sorry, I can’t keep this to myself any longer–the font Love Communications used on your billboards makes me want to throw up.

4. Grayson, Primo, and Mimi (left to right):I swear they smile. Look at Primo.