1. I have a friend who’s all about “asking the universe” for things and then “trusting it to answer.” Well, if you ask the universe for a couch, the universe must give you an idea to look at Target.com, where you find this. Thanks, universe!(Next I have to ask the universe to make my brother let me store the chairs I’m using right now in his basement. Come on, universe!)

2. Going back to another childhood memory this week: does anyone remember this animated Sesame Street color-wheel clip? I remember the music made it especially scary because the voices never made discernible words and just repeated the same pitch. Apparently, the music was by well-known Minimalist composer Philip Glass. Still scary.

3. Could the universe be moving these rocks across Death Valley? Or is it the wind? Here’s a science article that has a thrilling title: The Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa.