1. I’ve known about Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time Radio Hour” show on XM radio for a while now, but I’ve never heard it. So I was tickled that Vanity Fair posted an article that lists the themes, repeated artists, useful tips, history lessons, and recipes he’s shared on the show. There are even some choice quotes, including, “All of our shows are for truckers, if not about truckers” and “Here’s a woman who sure doesn’t sound like she sleeps alone.” Crazy Bob, I love you so.

(Also: look at the original magazine spread at the top of the article and notice how they’ve typeset it to look like the Milton Glaser Dylan poster from the ’60s.)

2. I’ve had 72-hour kits on my mind lately–I think it’s because I have Toby now. I was thinking out loud to Mr. Isbell that I have three cans of tuna in the cupboard we could use in an emergency and he pointed out, “That’s only a meal each for you, me, and Toby.” I think I need to look into putting a few things together.

3. Or maybe I’m just reacting to the climate of fear lately. Maybe it’s time to re-read Fahrenheit 451.

4. And in happier world events, Oxford University is hosting the first annual Fred Astaire Conference this June, featuring “an international assembly of Astaire experts, among them writers, performers, choreographers, and historians of dance, theatre, and film.” Delightful!