1. Yves Saint Laurent died Sunday. Someone who popularized the trapeze dress is all right with me.

2. Photographs of beds deer made in long grass for the night–a whole series. I like that.

3. Words of wisdom from a writerly blog by a former Utahn: “When you are the person who says, ‘I want to go to the demoliton derby,’ or, ‘I know…let’s spend our summer vacation with war reenactors,’ and you find the person who’s like, ‘Yeah, and let’s also hit the La Brea tar pits;’ hold onto that like a rear-mount choke hold, people. Because that is LOVE.”

(And speaking of derbies, mark your calendar for Tooele–where they serve beer and it is awesome–on August 2 and for August 9 for the Weber County Fair. Perhaps it will be warm and sunny then.)