1. I’ve done a good job not talking about politics or the economy this week, right? I even listened to some of the debate Tuesday and didn’t mention it! This is too good not to post, though: The McCain “My Friends” Video Montage.

2. And as long as I broke my silence, how about some local political outrage? “Horse’s Mouth: Yep, We’re Bigots!” Obviously, this is not an unbiased news source, but the final line sums up my feelings: “A church can lobby. I just don’t want them exempt from paying taxes if they choose to support legislated bigotry.”

3. Mr. Isbell and I finally saw Speed Racer last night, after wanting to see it in IMAX and not being able to because I was still working two jobs and it had a run of about a week. It’s fantastic! I remember nobody was very excited by it but I have never seen a movie look like this. If you have a fancy big high-def TV, it will look even better. And that is probably the only time I’ll ever recommend anyone getting a big TV.