1. Have you noticed I haven’t had any local political commentary lately? I’m only getting the Tribune on Sundays now and it’s been lovely. The less I know about what the patriarchs in the Utah Legislature are doing, the happier I am in the mornings. (Of course, the paper boy decided to deliver the paper every day this week, just in time for Buttars to disgrace himself again.)

2. Since I mentioned WWII on Tuesday, I have to mention that Yesterday was the National Day of Remembrance for the American citizens who were put into internment camps during WWII. Families could only take what they could carry–what about their pets?

3. And I was so excited to post the quote about pie on Wednesday that I forgot Wednesday’s tune. To end the week of sad stories and WWII on happy note, here’s Big Rock Candy Mountain, “a song about a hobo’s idea of paradise,” according to Wikipedia.