1. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday–the internet was down at the apartment and I was busy at work (!), talking to clients (!!) and being creative (!!!). (Seriously, I would have liked this job just for the paycheck. But it’s actually really fun!)

2. Kottke.org linked to the origin of “steal my thunder” this week:
In 1704, playright John Dennis invented a new method of producing the sound of thunder during a play. Dennis’ play was unsuccessful, but his thunder technique was soon borrowed by another production, leading Dennis to exclaim:

Damn them! They will not let my play run, but they steal my thunder.

3. Look, it’s the alpaca Easter bunny!
My Easter plans include listening to Bach’s St. Matthew Passion tonight. I have a friend who always listens to Parsifal on Good Friday for the “Good Friday Music” in it, but it’s Bach for me.