1. I always wish I had gotten a better grasp of the concepts behind math instead of just memorizing the rules, so this new series from the NY Times is perfect: A math professor is going through math concepts a step at a time in a weekly column. There’s more to be learned than just math, too–in the second column, he tells us that “The word ‘calculate’…comes from the Latin word ‘calculus,’ meaning a pebble used for counting.” Who knew?

2. I’ve debated sharing this, because it could mean more people camping out by Target on March 14, but did you know that they’re collaborating with my favorite textile designer Liberty of London and releasing a collection of clothes, homewares, and even bicycles? Check out the teaser video here.

3. Do you know what else happens March 14? Mad Men Season 3 is released on DVD! I can’t wait for March 14.