1. This profile of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard has an excess of good pull quotes, but I like this one:

“I have a little different definition of evil than most people. When you have the opportunity and the ability to do good and you do nothing, that’s evil. Evil doesn’t always have to be an overt act. It can be merely the absence of good.”

2. Much like Dune, I don’t talk about my love for the J. Peterman catalog of the early 90s much because it’s just too hard to explain. But I am absolutely convinced Peterman is why I got into advertising, so I was happy to see a little piece on the illustrations over at Racked:

The original J. Peterman illustrator and art director was “a true artist”: Bob Hagel, who died in 2013. “If you look at the early art in the catalog,” Peterman says, “it was very, very artsy.” Hagel’s style set the tone for the Owner’s Manual; his paintings “didn’t always give you all the details of the product,” but they made sense alongside the stories of rebellious women in silky georgette and wickerwork pedicabs that take you to your seaplane.