1. It’s Good Friday in the Christian calendar so that means it’s time for my two annual religious experiences: Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and the Good Friday Music from Parsifal.  

2. Similarly inspirational, a transcript of a new talk by artist Austin Kleon: “How To Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Chaotic Times.” I love #9 (“The demons hate fresh air”):

Pretty much everybody knows that walking is good exercise, and most of us know that it’s great for thinking, for releasing our INNER demons. What we don’t emphasize enough is that walking is also a great way to battle our OUTER demons — the people who want to control us through fear and misinformation.

Advertisers, marketers, politicians…it’s in their best interests for us to be plugged into our phones or watching TV, because then they can sell us their vision of the world. If we do not get outside, if we do not walk out in the fresh air, if we do not see our everyday world for what it really is, using our own senses, we will have no vision of our own with which to combat the disinformation.