1. This visualization of a later Beethoven quartet is really well done and completely mesmerizing:

2. Also intriguing: The Gay Architects of Classic Rock.

3. And finally, The Toast–beloved misandrist website–isn’t publishing any more but the archives are still there, and I used their “How to Buy a Car Without Interacting With a Human” this week to help my Sunday Night Conversations friend get a new car.

We did have to interact with the dealer because I knew my friend needed to see the car to be convinced I had obtained the correct one for him, but we ended up walking out of the dealer when they didn’t want to honor the price given in my email exchanges because my friend was paying cash “and that price included a discount for using dealer financing.”

Reader, on the way home from walking out, I got a call from the dealer that actually they could  honor that super discounted price after all and my friend gets the keys today. As the article says, “You have forced men to the breaking point and beyond. You are a feminist hero. Play Liz Phair very loudly on the trip home.” I DID.