1. Can I interest you in Calmy Leon, a customizable relaxing music generator with a name I can’t stop saying?

2. I want what this writer is selling–a treadmill desk–because THIS IS ME and I’m only 37:

“…when a doctor says to you, “Well, your body is changing,” what she really means is that you have to eat nothing but green stuff and drink tons of water and move every second of the day, not because it will make you hot, but because it literally KEEPS YOU FROM FEELING LIKE YOU’RE DYING ALL THE TIME. Basically, if you’re oldish and you don’t want to be depressed and bloated and in serious pain around the clock, you have to pay constant attention to your daily nutritional and exercise requirements.
[…]And if you’re a writer, Jesus. I got to the point where not only did I have neck pain and headaches and achey hips IN SPITE OF regular running and yoga and strength workouts, but I couldn’t think anymore! I’d sit down to write and promptly fall asleep.”
and the results!
 “I mean, I don’t look incredible or anything, I just look like someone who doesn’t spend most of the day lying around in an extreme slouch mumbling things like, “I HATE EVERYTHING. I DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING, EVER.” And on bad writing days, I am soothed by the fact that, even though I didn’t manage to write a single word, I did, at the very least, move a lot. Best of all, I don’t feel like I’m dying all the time.”

Take my money, treadmill desk!!