1. Speaking of fashion 20 years ago, this article from The Cut brought back memories of Hard Candy nail polish and JNCO jeansAll the Cool Girls Had One: 16 Women on Teen Status Symbols.(I was never cool enough for JNCOs. My friend was, though. She took art classes and was a rebel; I took orchestra and wasn’t.)

2. And, appropriate for a Friday, “The psychological importance of wasting time.”

We put off sleeping in, or going for a long walk, or reading by the window—and, even if we do manage time away from the grind, it comes with a looming awareness of the things we should be doing, and so the experience is weighed down by guilt.

Instead, there’s a tendency to turn to the least fulfilling tendency of them all: Sitting at our desk, in front of our computer, browsing websites and contributing to neither our happiness nor our productivity.