1. File under “things you never knew you wanted to know about but then find fascinating”: A History of Sequins.

Since early sequins were made of gold, they quickly became synonymous with money: The word “sequin” comes from the Arabic word for coin, sikka; in 13th-century Venice, gold coins were called zecchino. Not only did the display of these coins on clothing denote wealth, but sewing them onto clothes also had a practical application as a way to create a kind of portable piggy-bank. To prevent theft, travelers would simply sew coins directly on their person.

2. Three things to prioritize for a better life (I liked the point that “technology has taken away…our ‘stopping cues.’ “)

3. Oliver is getting a little braver! I gave him his dinner and sat down for a second to see if he’d come out with me there, and he did.

(Gonna re-stain that deck tomorrow and weed the no man’s land between yards, too.)