1. Did you stop worrying about our political future for a little bit? Just read this post from Kottke about the German vote in 1933.

“However, it’s also important to note that while the Nazis won the most seats in 1933, they did not win a majority of them or the popular vote.”

2. When you’re done worrying, here’s 25 women on style as identity. I love the thoughts from Rei Kawakubo (even though I don’t wear Comme des Garcons-level of challenging clothing):

“When you’re just comfortable with what you’re wearing, you don’t have new thoughts. I want people to feel something and think about who they are. You can’t become truly free if you no longer think about clothes.”

3. And, if thinking about clothes makes us truly free, I’ve just discovered this blog and have been going through the worksheets about defining personal style and shopping fasts. Thoughtfully done.