1. The the New York Times Style Magazine has a huge issue about creativity–getting started and keeping going. This quote from Joan Baez was what I needed to hear this week:

“I realized that the music needed my time and attention if it was going to be any good. Learning to live with the state of the world’s a daily practice. Everything we do, we do against the backdrop of global warming and fascism. I never dreamed I’d live in a world this chaotic and discouraging, and I’m overwhelmed but I’m also a great believer in denial—I think that’s where you have to be in order to create, or have fun or dance—providing that we set aside a certain amount of time to come out of denial and actually do something to help.”


2. “Why Jesus Never Ate a Banana,” or the global origins of the foods we eat.


3. An account for the appreciation of the designs of Paris bistro chairs.


4. Hehehehe