1. Danny Lavery tells us The Problem With Being Edited (it’s my problem, too):

I react with the same baffled fury and impotent rage of Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden: The idea of revisiting something I have already written puts me in the most confounding of moods, and I become sulky, contradictory, and capricious, unwilling to say what I actually think (“I don’t want to look at what I’ve written and think about it a second time, I’m unprepared to defend any arguments I might have made or furnish sources for any claims; please just do whatever you like for the second draft and let’s forget I ever had a hand in writing this”)

2. Bookbinding stuff: a collection of end papers from 1890 – 1930.


3. More digital archives: a collection of motifs used in tatreez, or traditional Palestinian cross stitch. (Gorgeous!)

4. Niche Manifestations on TikTok are my new favorite thing:

@nichemanifestations 🧿🪬Manifestation for cats to only throw up on hard surfaces, not carpet🐈‍⬛‼️ #manifestation #manifesting #pets #cats ♬ 777 Hz Angelic Healing Frequency – Emiliano Bruguera